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TEXALTEL is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of competition and competitive telecommunications carriers in Texas. TEXALTEL has been serving as an advocate for the competitive telecommunications industry since our inception in 1983.


Supporting Competition for over 35 Years

TEXALTEL advocacy extends to the Texas Legislature, the Texas Governor's Office, the Public Utility Commission of Texas and meeting with members of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission when pressing federal issues affect the ability of carriers to compete in Texas.

TEXALTEL encourages and supports active participation of its members as well as providing a strong cohesive voice in the industry through the association. Along with policy initiatives, TEXALTEL brings the brightest in the industry to work together and forge a new path for business development and relationships by encouraging business development among its members, which includes a wide array of providers from traditional CLECs to VoIP providers to wholesale network providers.



Since 1983, it has been our mission to promote the business interests of competitive telecommunications providers.



With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, TEXALTEL offers a unique and focused representation on one of the largest and fasted growing markets in the country.

1. Experience. As 35 years of experience can attest, TEXALTEL believes in strong and resilient competition and the continuing ability for competitors to be able to provide effective alternatives to incumbent providers of telecommunications.  From a policy standpoint, TEXALTEL’s primary focus is to achieve and maintain effective competition through nondiscriminatory network access and access to rights-of-way, pricing based on cost, and strong regulatory enforcement.

2. Member Focused Advocacy. TEXALTEL encourages and supports active participation of its members as well as providing a strong cohesive voice in the industry through the association.  Through its standing Regulatory and Legislative Committee, TEXALTEL assures that information is effectively disseminated to its members and that the membership has the opportunity to effect policy development within the associations.

3. Business Development. TEXALTEL encourages active business development among its members.  TEXALTEL membership includes a wide array of providers, including traditional CLEC and VoIP providers.  Some members are focused on retail markets while other members focus on providing wholesale services to other carriers. 

4. Become a Member. TEXALTEL offers two types of membership.


An Active Membership is offered to all alternative telecommunications providers including, but not limited to those companies operating as competitive local exchange carriers, digital subscriber line (“DSL”) and other data providers, VoIP providers, and wireless providers. Active Membership dues consist of annual dues and a monthly legal assessment which is based on the interstate, intrastate, and 800 billed and local exchange service Texas revenues.


An Associate Membership is available to interested supporters, service providers, suppliers and manufacturers. Associate Members pay annual dues only.

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